Bar Flooring Ideas

A bar is subject to many different variables.  It must be easy to clean and maintain while giving the space a unique and desirable appearance.  Bar Floors are often installed on a concrete substrate or foundation but many concrete bar floors may have been covered up with Wood, Tile or worst case Carpet.  These can always be removed exposing the Concrete Substrate and allowing for its decoration or resurfacing.

We all know that some bars  are trendy and can come and go almost overnight, while some are staples in the community and have a regular patrons.   Bar floors must accommodate both of these types of situations.    While pub style drinking establishments are often considered functional, timeless, and have a historical element, the nightclub scene is quite different.

Pub style bars, would do well with stained concrete and a classic, earthy, robust, look and finish.   A nightclub however might decide to be more on the cutting-edge of design and go with a more trendy design, pattern and look even perhaps using special effects like fiber optics, fluorescent colors for blacklight, or decorative and stylish glass inlays, the possibilities are endless.

One thing is for certain  decorative concrete floors in bars and nightclubs will offer a wide range of colors and design choices to suit any setting while offering an easy to clean surface that is resistant to spill drinks, food, and heavy wear and tear from visitors.

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